Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Ideas

So I stumbled across google's 10^100 project finalists

and I'm glad to see Khan Academy mentioned under making educational content free online. I've found lately that the university system these days often creates a lot of barriers to learning, and this kind of move to free education might help Canada (and even more so you guys in the United States) pick up its average education. Two questions though: What ideas would you have google consider? Should google be considering these things at all, or should they be in the realm of government?


  1. If Google's lasting legacy was providing equality of educational opportunity to every person with basic internet access, it would be a truly brilliant one.

  2. I agree absolutely with cjp on this subject. If google is able to provide an education to every person interested, then it would be one of the greatest contributions a corporation has made to the benefit of the world.

    I'm not sure why the government would try and stop this. That just seems ludicrous.

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